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This gas cylinder is the bench mark of the plumbing heating and refrigeration industries. It is refillable with propane gas and has many applications viz; soldering, light brazing,heating and melting.

Handy to use, portable and easily obtainable from most National plumbers merchants it is ideal for heating solder pipe fittings especially when used with the cyclone burner 8274-01 which has a flame characteristic of wrapping itself completely round the pipe saving time and effort in difficult and awkward corners. First introduced into the UK in the 1950's the Primus 2000 cylinder soon became very popular and to-day there are around 500,000 circulating around the country. Used by most large utilities such as British Gas, British Telecom etc it is a must for any National Merchant to have in stock.

Empty cylinder required.

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Please Note: New cylinders (those for which you have no suitable exchange) are subject to a œ28.00 Charge.